A discovery-driven enterprise, Engine X aims to improve the quality of life for people who are -- despite scientific advances -- dying to know better health.

Standardized language, common knowledge, conventional methods and systems comprising applied Medical sciences remain constrained by faulty framing. Biomedical sciences, data, and statistical models today are still grounded in conventions from the 18'th Century Age of Enlightenment, but amplified by the power of global media and markets.

We see an untapped potential to more effectively address complex human factors and adaptation using Real World Data and emerging technology.  Our work combines systems-savvy capacity for whole perspectives on science, knowledge integration and translation in the epigenetic era of cellular, molecular and systems biology:

CoherenceClinic [tm]

Precise Insights for Lasting Health

Assessment-led consulting practice gives people a handle on their health, providing novel and scalable assessment tools.

LifeScienceNotes [tm]

Fulsome findings fundamental for health.

Personasphere [tm]

Mobile interface for person-centered health discovery platform.

Business has spanned professional advisory services, contract research, and development of White Papers, products, programs, and systems. We also collaborate to research and innovative health care products, systems, and services.  Research initiatives in recent years has included review of the emerging science and economics for cannabinoids:

ex Nutra [tm]

Broad-spectrum Botanicals & Phytonutrient Extracts

Complex compounds for healthy balance and fewer chronic conditions.


Educational and informative, our services are designed to deliver low-risk and highly cost-effective resources with and for self-caring individuals, thought- and practice-leaders and our organizations.

Unique insights: Research over the better part of a decade has provided proprietary perspective on causative and bioenergetic considerations and formulations.



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