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Engine X Life Sciences

Working in the era of One World Health, Engine X aims to restore Health as the common denominator in life-centered economies, ethical policies, and practices to nurture a better quality of life and healthspan for all.


Despite scientific advances -- people are dying to know better health.

Standardized language, common knowledge, conventional methods, and systems comprising applied Medical sciences remain constrained by faulty framing and disease-driven nosology. Whether it's the repetition of outdated Germ Theory, epidemiological elitism or social determinism, biomedical sciences, data, and statistical models today remain grounded in conventions from the 18th Century Age of Enlightenment.

Covid-19 marks a Centenary of sorts, for the outdating of common assumptions, now amplified by the power of global product purveyors, media and markets. Advancing technologies remain specialized, algorithmic, and prescriptive, and distort the language common to people across Life. Mass media may be mobile but centers on disease-driven economics at the expense of person-based health. Data shows that top-down networks rely on the systematic silencing of investigators, reporters, humane approaches to science, and self-government.

Over decades, we have explored untapped potential to more effectively address complex human factors and adaptation using Real World Data and emerging technology.  Our work combines the systems-savvy capacity for whole perspectives on science, knowledge integration, and translation in the epigenetic era of cellular and molecular Systems Biology. Computer-based decision systems have yet to address scale-free causal networks including disease with health. 

SARSCov1, 2, global virology, 'neglected' Diseases, and now the Covid-19 pandemic by decree, further highlights deep and wide biological conditions in a socio-economic context that raise existential concerns. How best to harmonize diverse perspectives on person-centered care that embraces the dynamic complexities and polymorphic context of sentient beings and Salutogenesis, given markets for conventional forms of biomedical expertise featuring advanced technologies?

Our work spans professional advisory services, contract research, and development of White Papers, products, programs, and systems. Our services are designed to deliver low-risk and highly cost-effective resources with and for self-caring individuals, thought- and practice leaders, and organizations.

Proprietary research over a decade has provided useful perspectives on causative considerations and formulations. Our own investments focus on person-centered health promotion, discovery, and innovation:

CoherenceClinic [tm]

Precise Insights for Lasting Health

Assessment-led practice gives people a comprehensive handle on their own health. Combining whole person case study with novel electromagnetic assessment and biometry.

ex Life Sciences [tm]
Pre-clinical Discovery and Development
Cross-correlating all reports about the most pervasive microbial causes of disease amidst the change in Allopathic Burden. Not only finding mechanisms to prevent major disease diagnoses. Revealing low-cost candidates for safe treatment of chronic idiopathy. These include targeted use of micro-nutrients, Cannabinoids, and repurposed medications.    

Insights at all levels are relevant to public health policy, development of effective diagnostic protocols, and therapeutic formulations of probable value in a range of major applications including novel Coronavirus.


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