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Engine X Professional Services

Engine X provides advanced systems and future-ready services to leaders, our organizations and foreward-looking institutions:


  1. Professional Advisory Services:

    • Business needs assessment and requirements specification;

    • Market intelligence, product and service programs;

    • Executive advisory and consulting services.

  2. Exceptional Team and Leaders' Programs equip people and their groups with Self-knowledge to Self-manage, make better decisions, work from natural and innate strengths, and be more cohesive as a team;

  3. Contract Research, Writing, Media & Systems Design:

    • Research, development, case and White Paper writing;

    • Systems needs assessment and requirements specification;

    • Client-centric Systems audit, design, integration and deployment;


Our methods and systems are distinguished by their educational and informative qualities but also by delivering enjoyable, low-risk and highly cost-effective experiences.  


We are delighted to collaborate with thought- and practice-leaders to improve the potential for conscious creativity, improved decision-making, health, wealth and intentional growth.


Clients have included global technology leaders, Canadian banks and innovative financial and asset management firms, professional associations, leading universities and colleges and standard-setting organizations and institutions.



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