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We promote health through a unique combination of learning systems and advanced informatics, product programs and media:


  • Contract Research and Development


  • CoherenceClinic

    Holistic Healing. Light Being. Lasting Health 

    Using integrative practices to help people find innate capacities for self-healing, we combine biofields signal measurement and signature analysis with light based therapies and health informatics to embrace the spectrum of Life Sciences, reframe personal care and amplify the potential for lasting health.

  • ToxoScience
    Collaboration for Disease Prevention 
    Current and comprehensive guide to the science behind, and emerging standards to diagnose and treat infection by, the parasite Toxoplasma gondii that causes life long infection of global proportions:

    Known as the "leading cause of death attributed to food borne illness in the United States", officials also downplay risks by saying the immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness," [ U.S. Centers for Disease Control - CDC ]"

    Infection remains incurable while a range of scientific disciplines show the precarious balance and perfection in health necessary to endure infection as the parasite alters health and degrades immune capacities even in those without HIV [Weiss et al, 2013 and Miller,CM et al, 2009].   [ Less ^^ ]

Engine X Life Sciences


Using the precautionary principle and known science, we see that Toxoplasma warrants better integration and communication of existing knowledge. Proper identification and treatment of the infection offers a global population one of the greatest single opportunities to reduce preventable suffering. 


Bringing together the experience of leading scientists, medical professionals and health practitioners including individuals at risk or suffering ill-informed care, we open a door on citizen science to KnowToxo for prevention and care.

Educational and informative by their very nature, these services are designed to deliver low-risk and highly cost-effective resources with and for self-caring individuals, thought- and practice-leaders and our organizations.



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